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Please read the following instructions before attempting to use your Phantom Pad.
1.    Upon removing the Phantom Pad from the bag, inspect every suction cup to insure its cleanliness.  Please use the original packaging to store your Phantom Pad when not in use.
2.    Inspect the neoprene liner and make sure it is void of debris.
3.    Make sure your rear fenderís surface is dry and clean.
4.    To secure the Phantom Pad to the rear fender, the suction cups must be completely dry. 
      Refrain from  licking or applying any form of saliva or moisture to the suction cups.  Place the Phantom Pad onto the desired location.  Take your thumb and apply strong pressure in a downward motion onto the surface of the Phantom Pad directly above all of the suction cups.
5.    To remove the Phantom Pad from the rear fender, take your finger and gently pry each suction cup tab.  This will release the suction cupís pressure, and then you can lift the Phantom Pad off of the rear fender.
6.    Make sure that all suction cups are mounted securely before allowing a passenger to ride on the Phantom Pad.
7.    To clean suction cups, apply a small amount of household rubbing alcohol to a soft, clean cloth and gently remove any residue acquired from application to wax polished fenders.  Make sure all suction cups are dry before using your Phantom Pad again.
8.    While using your Phantom Pad, be sure to ride safely, defensively, and within the limits of the law and your abilities.


Do not apply Phantom Pad to motorcycles that have been recently painted.  Ask your painter what the required time is for the paint to cure.

Phantom Pad should not be used under rainy and/or unsafe weather conditions.
Suction cups will  not work properly if mounted to a Flat or Satin paint finish.

Please refer to the application data printed on the back of the original Phantom Pad packaging.