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"Laura Laura Laura,   
You are the bomb!  Got my parts for the eclipse, installed great.  All is right with the world again. What great costumer service.  I hope this is the norm and if not give lessons.  Its easy to say Daytona Helmets will be around for decades to come.              
Thank you Thank you Thank you Mike"

Michael A Saldutto
Best out of the 5

Best out of the 5

I went to the Northeast Motorcycle Expo and I bought one of your helmets there, the half helmet with the eagle and the american flag logo on it. I have five helmets and this one is the best! Thank you for manufacturing the best helmet I have! I will buy from you guys again!

Walter F. Castle Jr.
Daytona Cruiser Helmet

Daytona Cruiser Helmet

I received my new cruiser helmet yesterday and I can say it's the best fitting and best looking helmet on the market. I also purchased a youth cruiser helmet for my son and it fits him perfectly and is also the best looking helmet available. I highly recommend Daytona Helmets as the best helmets and value on the market. Thanks.

Daytona Cruiser Orange Pinstripe

Daytona Cruiser Orange Pinstripe

I received my new helmet awhile back and finally had a chance to go for a ride yesterday (it's cold here in Montana). I wanted to tell you how much I like it. It is very comfortable, warm on the ears, light weight, quiet and it looks great too. Thank you for a great product. Oh yeah, the service was pretty dang good too!


Tom Wiley
Daytona Helmets

Daytona Helmets

I realy love this new 3/4 helmet. They realy are the smallest.Very comfortable and well constructed. I have been showing my friends and they are ordering one too. Thank you! can I get a deal on another?

Robert F. Tanner


I currently own your skull cap and I have to say it is the best helmet that I have ever owned.

Jeff Luschen 
Norfolk, VA