Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Are the sizes of the Novelty Items equal to the D.O.T. Helmets?

    A1: The sizes should be similar, but please keep in mind that everyone's head is shaped differently.

  • Q2: Do the Helmets come with D-Rings or Quick Releases?

    A2: All D.O.T. Helmets come with D-Rings, with the exception of the Modular - "Daytona Edge" and the Full Face - "Daytona Shifter and Shadow", which comes with a D.O.T. Approved Latch Retention System. The Novelty Items come with our custom made Quick Releases.

  • Q3: Are the Helmets made of fiberglass or plastic?

    A3: Most of the D.O.T. Helmets and Novelty Items are made of polycarbonate plastic with the exception of a few models and sizes. The Carbon Fiber models are made of Carbon Fiber which is a composite material. The Chrome is made of a polycarbonate plastic shell triple coated with metal.

  • Q4: What kind of straps come on the D.O.T. Helmets?

    A4: Tubular nylon, heat shrunk for strength.

  • Q5: Do the visors come with the helmets?

    A5: Visors come with the D.O.T. helmets shown with a visor but all visors for novelty items are sold separately.

  • Q6: What is the thickness of the liner on the D.O.T. liner?

    A6: The thickness of the D.O.T. liner runs from 1/2" to 1 1/8".

  • Q7: Will a headset fit inside the modular helmet?

    A7: Most headsets will fit inside our modular helmets.