Rave Reviews

 Bought one based on cost, appearance and for hot weather comfort. The quality surpassed my expectations and most likely saved my life. The shell cracked but my noggin didn't.

Phil Della Camera

Quality Helmet

I was looking for a secondary helmet, mainly for night time riding. After wearing it for a test ride, I found myself liking this more than a Shoei helmet! Does not feel cheap, thick padding, but at the same time does not squeeze your cheeks, super comfortable. Measurements are accurate. The sun visor has no external slider, instead you slide it down like the exterior visor (no chance in getting it off the track or breaking like other helmets with internal visor). There are no "wavy" visual effects like cheaper internal helmets with visors have. Wind noise is average, nothing to complain about. Chin strap is of quality built and easy release mechanism. Very simply looking helmet but feels like it should be over $200. For $100, there are no other helmets that can compete with this.

Saved My Neck

I had neck and back surgery in 1998 everything went very well, however, I now have neck problems. After having physical therapy for a week I felt like a new man. I then rode my bike all day returned home and I was back to square one with much pain. My doctor said it might be my helmet. I looked to you guy's in search of a very light helmet. I ordered the half Skull Cap Helmet and it's been pain free riding everyday. I love my helmet and thanks for the great customer service.

Oh yea I also bought the ear warmers they fit and work very good.

Hubert ( U.S.M.C. )       

Wonderful customer service

Good afternoon, I just wanted to take the time to write a review about my experience with this company. I felt that the woman I spoke to was very helpful and very professional. I believe her name was Lori, she made my experience wonderful and I felt I needed to let you guys know. Thank you

Perfect helmet!!

This helmet is perfect. Nice fit and required no break in. I found it true to size. Cheek pads are nice and doesn't push on my face. I got both shields and I'll say, the dark one is intimidating. It does rattle just a little but overall it is nice. The ventilation holes do not do much but I get plenty of air through the bottom of the helmet. The quick release strap is very nice. If you're looking for a great helmet, that doesn't give u egg head, this is the one. I tried several before buying this one

Best Helmet I Have Ever Owned

Had a lot of helmets over the years from HD to Bell and everything in between. This is by far the best helmet I have ever owned. Love the attention to detail, quality and perfect fit! Good job Daytona. I will be wearing nothing but your helmets from now on!! A grateful Canadian rider

Saved My Life

 I ride a Yamaha Zuma 50 Scooter. Recently I replace my Non DOT helmet with a Daytona dot skull cap without visor. Saturday night A car pulled out and hit me it was their fault. I was knocked unconscious. The paramedics that responded told me I would have died if I was not wearing this helmet. Getting this helmet was the best investment I have ever made. The helmet was lightweight and very comfortable.

Will buy again, saved my life

I was rear ended last summer on the interstate, the only reason I'm able to write this today is because I was wearing one of your helmets. Cannot say thank you enough for making it possible for me to make it home to my family.

Galena Pass Accident July 23, 2017

I wear my helmet 99.9% of the time. Frankly the only time I don't wear it is when I am blowing the water off after I wash it. Fortunately I had my Daytona Skull Cap Leather helmet on for this last ride of mine. We were a group of 13 riders doing what we call "The Stanley Loop" which is a 6 hour ride and about 350 miles. One of our riders collided with oncoming traffic and cause the rider next to me and myself to go down. I was able to dodge the bike and rider next to me, but I collided with some debris that made a taco indentation in my front rim and ejected my passenger and I about 30 ft. Fortunately my skull cap too all of the damage to my head, but I still sustained a sever laceration to my left arm, broken foot and broken finger. My passenger sustained 3 fractures to the pelvis and a bone chip in the left fore arm. She was also wearing a helmet and only got a small scuff. I am here today writing this because I was wear ing my favorite helmet of all time. If you are on the fence about this brand, you need not look any further. BUY IT, and WEAR IT. Regards, Mighty Mouse.

3/4 cruiser

Best fitting helmet ever! That covers 40 years. Thanks for a great product will recommend to all. Can't go wrong with this helmet.

Your helmet saved my son in laws life !

I purchased my son in law one of your helmets as a CHRISTMAS gift last year . He had the misfortune of having a serious accident last night and your quality product has no doubt saved his life . The bike is totaled and he's got serious road rash but he will recover . From the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you . Without your helmet my daughter would be without a husband and my grandchildren without a dad . Thank You !

The best helmet I have ever tried!

Today, I arrived at San Antinio, and the helmets where here, at the hotel.

Everything perfect. I can't wait to ride my bike at my return in Argentina with this jewel! The best helmet I have ever tried!

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


This helmet saved my life

I bought the helmet for comfort and price. 3X helmets are hard to find. But on December 5, 2014, I was exiting 1-75 South of Tampa to an interstate wayside, the police report said I hit gravel which I did not see at all. I slid about 30 MPH broke my ribs, pelvis and collar bone on the right side and had considerable road rash. The helmet was damaged greatly from the crash, but it clearly saved my life and I have no head, brain or facial injuries. I am currently ordering another helmet from the great folks at Daytona Helmets. You can buy with confidence!!!

You guys rock!

You guys rock! I got my helmet quick but it was too big. So I called and the woman that answered the phone was great! I could tell right away that you guys care about good customer service. The quality of the helmet was impressive as well. I have found the helmet that I will always want to wear. You can count on a re-order every 5 years or so. I will be sure to do as I was told by your customer service woman ("tell everyone how much I like the helmet). She was very personable and answered every question I had. I wish I had gotten her name. Okay then, carry on!!! Thank you, Cath

" perfect helmet"

 I have been searching for the perfect helmet so a year now.

I've ordered from a handful of stores and returned each one. Today, as I tried on my new 3/4 metal flake helmet, I have to say, its by far the best fitting and coolest helmet yet!!! Thank you so much..I seriously can't wait to buy one in each color now!! Thought y'all like to know! :P

" Without a doubt I would not be alive . . . ."

Dear Daytona Helmet, 

I am writing today to say Thank You!  Your helmet (3/4 Face) undoubtedly saved my life.  On June 2011, I was in heavy traffic in Nashville, TN, when the car in front of me stopped short.  I hit my brakes too hard and hit the pavement of I-40 going somewhere around 60.  I cracked three ribs, snapped my collar bone, suffered roadrash and one concussion.  My helmet cracked just above the temporal line of my head.  Without a doubt I would not be alive if your product was not every bit as good as you claim it to be.

Again, my most sincere Thanks. 

Shawn Boehm

". . . . your helmet saved my life."

A few days ago I was riding through a very dangerous stretch of road called the "Kern Canyon Road" in Central California. I was on my 1999 Suzuki Katana 750F while wearing one of your Daytona Crossovers. It was a perfect day for a ride, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I was coming hot into a turn, leaned over far as possible, knee dragging along the pavement when suddenly around a blind curve a car came the opposite direction. The car was going too fast to stay in his lane and veered into my own.  I went wide and lowsided, me and my bike both tumbled a good 40-50ft down a rocky cliffside, finally coming to a rest at the bottom.  I would like to personally thank everyone at the company for putting out such a fine product, my helmet is totalled, my bike is totalled, everything is destroyed. But, although it was totaled, your helmet saved my life.  I hit

forehead-first into a sharp piece of granite near the bottom, the helmet not only absorbed the impact, but it stayed in tact. In fact, I now have it up on my desk in a display box showing the damage I survived.  I made it out with a dislocated shoulder, but I didn't even have a headache afterwards...    From the bottom of my heart, thank you all, I would not be here writing this email today if it weren't for your product...    Below is a picture of the helmet itself after the wreck:    http://filesmelt.com/dl/Picture_019_copy.png
Thank you . . . . Ken

"Express My Happiness . . . . "

I wanted to send an email to express my happiness in working with Daytona Helmets and their employees.  Every time I call, I receive exceptional customer service and am always treated courteously.  I would like to also thank Chris, my rep.  He is amazing!  He is always on top of things and delivers promptly and flawlessly.  I know that if I need anything from him, he will do his best to ensure that my needs are met.
Thank you for everything you do Daytona Helmets!  We appreciate it!
Gabrielle Poinelli
St. Pete Scooter 

"I appreciated good people and good service from a good business."

Hi Sheryl,

Thank you and Annette for replacing my inside shield. I appreciated good people and good service from a good business.

I love my new Daytona Edge Helmet.

Sterling Burk

Las Cruces, NM

"I can not thank you enough for making a quality helmet . . . "

I just wanted to let you guys know that your helmet saved my life yesterday. I was t-boned by a pickup truck and the bike was destroyed, but my only injuries were scrapes bruises and a cut over my eye from my glasses. The helmet has white paint on it from the truck, and I can not thank you enough for making a quality helmet.

"I'm a living testimony to the quality of this helmet"

I'd like to begin by saying that this helmet saved my life. To be honest, when I purchased the half helmet I never thought it would provide as much protection as it did. Although it was approved by the DOT, I didn't really have a lot of confidence in its size. Well, I'm a living testimony to the quality of this helmet. I sustained a direct impact to the right side of my head and was knocked unconscious. After looking at the helmet, the ER doctor stated that the helmet made the difference between a visit to the ER or the OR. I'd like to take the time to thank you for such a quality product, and feel free to contact me or any of my statements for marketing. My friends and family also thank you. I also praise God for His protection.

Respectfully and with Gratitude,


"Thank YOU for making a WONDERFUL product.."

Bought bunch of stuff from you guys, including a Daytona helmet.  Got in an accident in Aug 2010 when someone cut dead in front of me.  No choice but to hit them broad side.  I was told my helmet had a hole, and though I was out a brief time, not even a headache or scratch.  That helmet saved my life, I'm sure.  1/2 helmet with the eagle on it's side.  Thank YOU for making a WONDERFUL product.

"Thanks for saving my Head"

Just wanted to let you know that I had a bike/deer accident the other day and my Cross Bones Helmet saved my head very well.  So I will definitely purchase another one. Love your helmets .  Thanks for saving my head.

"The Daytona Eclipse Stayed On" . . . .

On January 11th, I was traveling at 50 mph and was rear ended by a car doing 85+.  My head bounced off the road twice.  My Daytona Eclipse stayed on and didn't break.  Much to the surprise of the EMS personnel who responded, I'm not dead.  Thank you for a quality product at a good priceI believe it saved my life.  I ordered new ones for my wife and I, last night.  If you'd like, I can send you pics of the helmet and crash. . . . Francis D. Young Jr.

"They are the best fitting open face helmets Ive put on yet. . . . . "

My Wife and I seen you at the Galveston bike rally. I wanted a couple helmets and the booth woudnt sell me the display. They could have sold two helmets right at the end of the rally. So i can hardly wait to get these. They are the best fitting open face helmets Ive put on yet. Thanks to all at daytona. I will send more sells your way. Ride on, Cory 

"Wicked Helmets"

"Your helmets look wicked. Already talked a buddy into buying one, and im sure there will be more to come when we get ours and people see them. Great prices also ,thanks alot. " . . . . Wade

Another Happy Customer

Great Buying Experience. Ordered on Sunday night and was sitting on my door step Thursday. The helmet is exactly what was shown when purchased and fits great. Nothing bad to say about this whole buying experience. Cant wait to ride!

Another Satisfied Customer

I recently purchased a German Helmet from ya'll. I was not only satisfied with the helmet but extremely happy with the quick shipping. I will for sure buy another helmet from ya'll!!


Great customer service! Been a very long time since I've had such a great experience with a purchase. I will definitely recommend Daytona Helmets to all my friends. Thanks again!

Carbon Fiber Awesomeness

I purchased the carbon fiber skull cap recieved it in a timley manner and am very pleased when I hit 60-70 mph it dosent start to lift off my head and I still get the mushroom look a little but being a Marine I have to were DOT approved and this is the best bet.


Excellent product! Just received my XL Gloss Black 3/4 DOT Cruiser helmet last night. Fits great right out of the box. You guys aren't kidding, this is an awesome looking, low profile lid. Old Skool look without any resemblance to Marvin The Martian. Well done!

Freakin Awesome Helmet

I ordered a half helmet I was hesitant about it. but to my surprise when i got it actually fit and looked good. if I have to wear a helmet this is the one to wear. very low and not bulky NO Mushroom. thank you Sheryl. you guys are un matched.

Great Article

Great Buy!

Love my helmet! Packed beautifully and shipped quickly. Great price. Perfect fit. Highly recommended!

Helmet Screws

I called the office Monday July 18th 2011. I needed a screw and hardware for the Eclipse full face helmet. After being informed that the Eclipse is discountinued, the office found a screw w/ hardware on a desk.I just received them in the mail today, 2 days later. I want to thank you and give you my consumer comittment to stay w/ your products. Customer Service today is usually done in some 3rd world country where communication is void. Its great to have people who give a s*&^%. Mardo South Troy NY

I took it on its first ride and really enjoyed it.

I purchased one of your helmets and it came in the mail today. I took it on its first ride and really enjoyed it. The fit and the comfort of the helmet and straps are great! I was wondering if there was anyway you could send me a decal I could throw on my tool box at work. Thanks again.

Just on time for my birthday

Wow,the helmet is even better than expected and your sizing chart is right on. Very please!!! Rejean

Long time fan, first time caller

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I am a big fan of Daytona Helmets (this one make five). I thought I would add the Smokey to my collection. I have never had a novelty helmet before and thought I would give it a try.  I just received it and it is the most comfortable helmet I've ever had on my head. I'm really impressed. Now I see why everyone has novelty helmets. It's too bad I can't use it on the road:)
Long time fan, first time caller . . . .

Great Customer Service

Good Morning,

So I called UPS and somehow they got it from Kentucky to Seattle in like three hours so they have guaranteed the delivery today. I want you to know that I have never had customer service be on such the ball and do such a top shelf job for anything I have purchased online before. I would be privileged to recommend your company for sales to all those in which I ride with. I thank you for your efforts and it is something truly appreciated. Have a great day!

Thank You for your Prompt Attention. . .

Hi There,
Thank you for your prompt attention.  I returned a helmet that had fallen apart and I received a new replacement in the mail.  I am grateful your company takes pride in customer service.  Please forward this to management, as I would like to give my sincere thanks for your services.  My buddies will think twice about making fun of my choice in purchasing a modular helmet from Daytona Beach.
Thanks again,
Johnny R. Rodriquez

"Great Helmet"

Thanks for the Great Helmet, and fast service.  I ordered the D.O.T. approved Half Shell helmet in Chrome.  The Chrome is great and the helmets fits perfectly.  I used the sizing chart and it is very accurate.  This helmet is great at highway speeds with no windshield, you don't even know it is there.
Dan R.

I credit your helmet for saving me . . . .

Hi Daytona Helmets,
I spoke with a young lady with your company today about this, but felt I should put in writing too.  On Tuesday 06/17/08, I was travelling down Fowler Ave. in Temple Terrace, FL.  After going through an intersection the vehicle in front of me came to an abrupt stop.  I swerved left and the bike (05-Electra Glide) went into a side skid.  As I was coming out of the skid I was ejected from the bike.  I have road rash on both arms, left knee,  my right shoulder and my shoulder blade is killing me!  However, I credit your helmet for saving me from what could have been death or extreme serious injury.  My wife and I, as well as our family Thank You.  I don't care how uncomfortable or uncool it may be, always, always wear a helmet.  With lids like yours, no one has an excuse not to wear one.
Again, thank you very much and we wish you much success.
Jimmie Larson

. . . . because of your great helmet . . . .

In February 08, I purchased one of your helmets (German-Flat Blk-4XL).  I was wearing said helmet when I crashed my bike (2000 Yamaha 1100 Classic).  I was propelled about 15-20 ft. through the air, there-by striking the right-rear side of my head (helmet) on the asphault.  I was checked out by EMS and was told I should be dead or at the least, suffered a severe concussion.  I am here to write you this e-mail only because of your great helmet!  Plus, the helmet only has a small indentation on the right side. 
I commend you for producing such a FINE PRODUCT!  Your helmets set the STANDARD for the rest of the industry.  I continue to ride and wear the helmet and feel ultimately safe while doing so.  Here's to you Daytona Helmets for saving my life! 
Thanks again from a Grateful and Satisfied Customer!!!!!  
Allen Hadden


I just wanted to tell you that I have one of your helmets and it fits just right.  I have been looking for a smaller shell helmet for a long time.  I have a smaller head and it is hard to find a helmet that fits.  Others say they have different shell sizes, but they don't, they are still big.  I have the 3/4 helmet. 

"I like the field vision . . . . "


I just purchased a new full faced modular, Daytona Helmets - Elcipse. I enjoyed wearing it for the first time yesterday, on a day that reached 95+ degrees in here in VA. I like the field of vision. No part of the side of the helmet is in sight of my view. I dig the flip down smoked eye shield. I really think that is the coolest thing since shaft drives:) All of the components are easy to use and function properly. It is a very cool helmet.  All in all, it's a great helmet. It was very cool to wear, temp and looks wise, with plenty of air flow and unrestricted vision. I could hear a lot better in this, than in my other head gear as well. The helmet also felt good in the breeze and moving my head from side to side didn't produce any helmet whip at all. I am going to recommend this to all the bikers I know that wear full face helmets.
Marc Ritchie Warrenton, VA

"Thank you for your great service . . . . "

Hi Daytona Helmets,
I just got my helmet Friday and I want to Thank You for your services and to let you know that I Love this helmet (Modular).  It is great, very versatile, easy to wear and fits perfect.  Thank you for your great service and for a "Great Product."

"Mahalo . . . "

I just received the helmet. Looks good, fits good. Mahalo!
You are great and I appreciate all of your help!
Mahalo nui,
Robert Lee

Ua Mau Ke O Ka Aina I Ka Pono O Hawai`i !!!

"My D.O.T skull cap . . . ."

Hi Daytona Helmets,
My D.O.T. "Skullcap" (D1-BNS) just arrived. I cannot tell you how surprised I am at the quality, fit and comfort. I have owned much more expensive helmets that were nowhere near my D1-BNS; from the appearance of the shell, the finish of the interior to the quality of the chin strap system! The addition of the helmet bag and "dew rag" were "above and beyond". The most shocking aspect of my purchase? THE PRICE! How do you manage a profit??!?!?! Count me: A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!


Dear Daytona Helmets,

I was wearing one of your helmets when I wrecked my motorcycle at 95 mph. The helmet struck the ground and as you can tell, my head is in tact! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such an excellent product.


First off I just want to say WOW! I just ordered a 3/4 Helmet from you guys and it's great. I used to use Fulmer helmets, but no more. Bobblehead is gone! It looks like a damn novelty helmet but its DOT approved. You guys are geniuses! Another great thing about it, is your sizes are accurate. I was hesitant about buying a helmet without ever trying it on, but im sure glad I did. It fits perfect and looks great. Thanks for making a helmet that can save your life and still looks good.

Wonderful Service

Wonderful service - thank you for your time replying to my emails Kimberly.


Very pleased

Thank you very much!!! The helmet looked even better in person than it did online. Very pleased with your products and customer service!

The Leather Dungeon

Just an FYI - we are now carrying Daytona Helmets exclusively. We dropped our other Helmet supplier as we had too many issues with the sizing of their helmets not matching their size chart, and also slow customer service...really hard to get Invoices, statements, confirmation of orders & shipping. 
We really enjoy dealing with Daytona for the ease of placing orders, receiving shipping confirmation and great Customer Service, not to mention the great quality of your line of Helmets. 
Thanks Again,
Dawn Shipley
The Leather Dungeon

Thank you

You guys are awesome, nice doing business with you.

Thank you

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