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Subject:: Service & Quality

Subject::  Service & Quality
I will never buy a helmet anywhere else as long as I am able to ride! The service at Daytona Helmets is second to none, kind, courteous and professional. They got my order out the same day. The quality of helmets produced at Daytona Helmets is outstanding. Fit is good and style is right on. I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase and completely satisfied with their products.
Thank you,
Jerry Dixon


I just wanted to drop a line to your company to tell you how happy I am with your product and service. I have two of your helmets and both are light, comfortable and of great quality. I recently e-mailed you and told of a small problem (big to me) of loosing two screws on the visor of my helmet. There wasn't a problem, it was just that I didn't tighten the screws enough. Anyway, being unable to find a replacement around here that matches, I wrote you and asked for help. You responded with the two screws to replace the ones I had lost. I now have locktite on them and think they will be there for awhile.
So, continue to be reponsive to your customers, because I do and will continue to speak highly of you.
Thanks so much,
Mike McMullan
Westfield, MA

I'm impressed.

Daytona Helmets,
I really appreciate the quick response and your offer to replace the helmet is very generous. I'm impressed.
Thank you,
Gary R. Walton

Just wanted to say thanks

Just wanted to say thanks, received the bag today, this one is much better than the one that came with the helmet.
I'll recommed Daytona Helmets to other riders, great customer service.
Have a great day and thanks again.
Grant Mansell

Rapid Response

Thank you very much for the rapid response. I got the tracking number just in time!
Package is out for delivery faster than I expected.
Ian Billings

Thank you

Hi Daytona Helmets,
Thank you so much for another positive experience with you.  I will let you know when the parts arrive.

Outstanding Customer Service

I just wanted to thank you again and tell you that your customer service is outstanding. I told a lot of my friends that I ride with about Daytona Helmets and I also recomended you guys to my son who just got his motorcycle license and his first bike.  As for myself . . . .you have me as a life long customer.
Have a great day and always ride safe.


Hi Annette,
This is the 2nd helmet I ordered from Daytona.  Love the 1st one and am very impressed with your quality and your customer service.  Annette helped me with an issue I had. She was awesome to work with.

Exceeded my expectations

Hello Annette!
I can't thank you enought for responding to my email.  Honestly, I never expected a response and you definitlely exceeded my expectations!  Keep up the great work.

Saved my life

Bought an Eclipse and a 1/2 shell from you this spring. Was wearing the modular full face end of September when I highsided my Harley V-rod. Smacked the helmet hard on the back rear quarter, was out cold, busted three ribs and my collar bone. Doctor said the helmet saved my life. Can't thank you enough. Bikes almost ready, going to need another Eclipse. I'll order it soon. Just wanted to say
Thank You, from me and my family. . . . Kevin

Speedy exchange

Hi Annette,

Thank you so much for the speedy exchange I recieved it today just like you said!

Hope we get to meet you when we come down.
Linda Popil
Toms River, NJ
P.S. "New Helmet is Great!"

Great job

Hello Daytona Helmets,
I wish to thank you for such a great job.  Placed my order Monday just after lunch and received it Tuesday 3pm.
Thanks again. Now lets go riding.

You are the bomb!

"Laura Laura Laura,   
You are the bomb!  Got my parts for the eclipse, installed great.  All is right with the world again. What great costumer service.  I hope this is the norm and if not give lessons.  Its easy to say Daytona Helmets will be around for decades to come.              
Thank you Thank you Thank you Mike"

Best out of the 5

I went to the Northeast Motorcycle Expo and I bought one of your helmets there, the half helmet with the eagle and the american flag logo on it. I have five helmets and this one is the best! Thank you for manufacturing the best helmet I have! I will buy from you guys again!

Daytona Cruiser Helmet

I received my new cruiser helmet yesterday and I can say it's the best fitting and best looking helmet on the market. I also purchased a youth cruiser helmet for my son and it fits him perfectly and is also the best looking helmet available. I highly recommend Daytona Helmets as the best helmets and value on the market. Thanks.

Daytona Cruiser Orange Pinstripe

I received my new helmet awhile back and finally had a chance to go for a ride yesterday (it's cold here in Montana). I wanted to tell you how much I like it. It is very comfortable, warm on the ears, light weight, quiet and it looks great too. Thank you for a great product. Oh yeah, the service was pretty dang good too!


Daytona Helmets

I realy love this new 3/4 helmet. They realy are the smallest.Very comfortable and well constructed. I have been showing my friends and they are ordering one too. Thank you! can I get a deal on another?

Best helmet I have ever owned


I currently own your skull cap and I have to say it is the best helmet that I have ever owned.

Jeff Luschen 
Norfolk, VA


I received my new Cruiser helmet yesterday and I can say it's the best fitting and best looking helmet on the market.  I also purchased a youth Cruiser helmet for my son and it fits him perfectly and is also the best looking helmet available. I highly recommend Daytona Helmets as the best helmets and value on the market.
Thanks . . . .

To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern, I felt it is necessary to share this bit of information. On October 2.2020, I was in a motorcycle accident and suffer a broken clavicle. I was traveling 45 mph when I went down. I am writing to say thank you, your product saved my head from any injuries. You product upheld and performed in a manner. I believe exceeds any DOT standards. I never lost consciousness I remember every thing. The helmet I was wearing was a Daytona skull cap. As the 2002 Road King left my control and started to drop I pushed myself away from the bike hoping to avoid the bike being on top of me. I was able get a good push but the bike grab and flipped in doing so tossed me into a flip where my head bounced off the asphalt. I will attach images so they can be viewed. This email is a necessary so your , manufactures and designers and staff can take a minute to be proud of being part of an organization that is doing the right things. Providing quality means more than we think about. Me personally I understand that more than many know I work in the civil aerospace organization with Rolls-Royce, as a quality inspector. So it is critical that I say, not just thank you, but also this! Daytona Helmets are exceeding the standard and are delivering customer excellence!! This should be a email shared within your company so everyone knows. Due to the care of product integrity and Quality of product. Everyone at Daytona had a part in saving my life. This is something I can never thank you enough, I hope my words in this email find everyone eyes and into their hearts. Some people may say think it is just another day at the job, but when your has a part in saving lives. Than you all should be proud to know that your product is amazing in design, heck I did not even have a headache, yes the broken clavicle hurt but not enough to make give up riding. Yes my next helmet will be a Daytona. The bike I was riding is my sons that I had just purchased, no worries it was not damaged bad and is almost road ready again. I ride 2003 Classic 100yr anniversary full dresser. So in providing this information, I am curious what your employees would say should be my next helmet, I have never been a full face helmet person probably never will. I have attempted to send some images. Most respectfully

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