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Your helmet saved my life

On October 21st, 2016 I was in a hit and run on my harley davidson while wearing your 3/4 helmet. I was going 40 and they were going 75 behind me. Hit me and dragged me 200 yards and left me unconscious in a puddle of blood. A lady stopped and found me in the road and waited until an ambulance arrived. The person was never caught. I survived and have nearly made a full recovery from my injuries. The helmet was in 4 pieces still attached to my head covered in blood. Your helmet saved my life and I am more than great full for that. I just finished building another bike and I purchased the same exact helmet from you. I will let forever trust your product and will only buy and recommend your helmets as I would have been dead if it weren't for your amazing product. Thank you very much to all of the men and women working in your facility. You may not think so but every day you work you are saving people's lives. Thank you for saving mine.

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