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My father in law bought this helmet within the past two months. He loved how it looked and felt. This past weekend him and I went on a long ride but it came to an unexpected hault when I bicyclist cut infront of us on a back country road. The bicyclists took up the entire road and when we approached them one of them (who saw us) turned hard into the middle of the road where we were going to pass them. My father in raced motorcross for many years, in order to save both of there lives he quickly locked up the brakes and laid his bike down. When they collided the bike flipped over top of them and my father in law head hit the pavement hard. The helmet only has a few scratches on the side, but there is not a single crack on it. I was in the process of looking at getting a new lid, and after seeing that I know that I'm going to be buying a Daytona helmet. Great price and definitely amazing quality 

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